Zero Electric Motorcycles

Savage Motorcycles is WA’s one and only Zero electric motorcycle dealership. Zero is the leading manufacturer of high-performance electric motorcycles that are efficient, fast and fun to ride.

Riding Electric

Electric motorbikes provide an elevated and nearly silent riding experience. They operate without gears or clutches, offering an incredibly smooth ride with torque that outpaces traditional gas bikes. With zero exhaust and no gas, your ride is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. No fuel tank, timing belt or oil changes allow you to save significantly on fuel and maintenance costs.


Zero Motorcycles combines the best aspects of traditional motorbikes with cutting-edge technology. The Z-Force Powertrain lithium-ion battery provides you with effortless acceleration at the twist of the throttle. The Z-Force motor was engineered with power, efficiency and compact size in mind. The result is an electric motorcycle with improved performance during hard rides and maintains higher top speeds.

Each motorcycle features a specially designed rigid frame made of aircraft-grade aluminium. This lightweight frame minimises weight and enhances the bike’s overall performance.

Charging & Range

The availability of EV charging stations in WA has increased significantly over the past few years. This has made riding electric progressively more convenient. Charge your Zero bike overnight at home or utilise public charging stations on the road to get where you need to go.

Our Zero Motorcycles range includes the SR/S, SR-F, SR, S, and FXE street models and DSR/X, DSR, DS, and FX dual sport models. The entire range is incredibly well-built with a class-leading level of finish.

Riding a 100% electric motorcycle is an indescribable experience. Come in and have a look at the game-changing Zero Motorcycles fleet at Savage Motorcycles.


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