Join the electric bike revolution with a Yamaha e-bike, now available at Savage Motorcycles.

Yamaha first created the electronically power-assisted bicycle in 1993. This cutting-edge electric bike utilised Yamaha’s signature Power Assist System (PAS), designed to seamlessly enhance the pedalling power of riders using an electric motor. The e-bike was engineered to provide a smooth and natural riding experience in tune with human perceptions. The bicycle was the first of its kind and enjoyed a successful market debut.

Today, Yamaha has expanded in the e-Bike space, with models across road, mountain and lifestyle. Their e-MTB models combine top-shelf components and compact control switches to improve ride performance. The new generation of Yamaha e-bikes are now available in Australia with the launch of the YDX-Moro 07 and plans to expand the product range in the future.

Visit Savage Motorcycles today and let us help you find your perfect Yamaha e-bike companion. Ride with power. Ride with Yamaha.


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Yamaha e-Bikes

Yamaha e-Bikes have arrived at Savage Motorcycles.

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