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The 2023 DSR is a totally new type of motorcycle. The DSR brings the pedigree of the world’s most capable electric dual sport motorcycles with capabilities that have never been seen on or off the road. Available stock as an A2 licensed machine, the DSR comes with an impressive 170 N-m of torque and 52 kW of power. The DSR is also upgradable via a dealer installed firmware update that turns it into an even more capable A3 licensed machine provided you meet the updated licensing requirements. The A3 DSR delivers even more exhilarating rides and produces 195 N-m of torque and 60 kW of power. Regardless of which rendition of the DSR you ride, it has entirely improved capabilities over its previous version thanks to a new battery, a whole new style, and a brand-new motor. All of this plus the award-winning Cypher III+ operating system means that the DSR occupies a truly remarkable tier in the Zero dual sport product line.


The 2023 DSR uses the Z-Force 75-10X direct drive motor variant which utilizes an internal permanent magnet, brushless architecture, and a passively air-cooled, compact design delivers class-leading performance and efficiency with virtually no maintenance required. This motor is specially tuned for the rigors of navigating rough terrain. This motor delivers 170 N-m of torque and 52 kW of immediate power stock, with upgrades available up to 195 N-m of torque and 60 kW following achievement of local licensing requirements and a deal-installed firmware update.

Chassis and Suspension

The Zero DSR uses the same geometry and design of the same steel-trellis frame found on Zero’s street motorcycles but is reinforced for the rigors of challenging terrain. The powertrain is perfectly distributed, resulting in a weight-optimized/mass-centralized design. The Zero DSR componentry is also situated differently to optimize for adventure by providing a category-leading 24.6 cm of ground clearance. Paired with a coaxial power-pivot swingarm which has also been reinforced to handle greater loads under harsher conditions, the architecture of the bike and Showa’s adventure suspension delivers a nimble and controlled riding experience.


The new Zero DSR offers a unique proposition for new and experienced riders alike. Designed to meet the latest European A2 licence regulations, it offers all the benefits of Zero’s legendary instant acceleration and magic carpet power delivery to a much wider range of riders – including newly qualified younger riders – with the option to upgrade the power output when your licence allows.

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