KTM 890 Adventure R Rally 2021

It’s difficult to explain the nuances of ‘limited’ and ‘limitless’ in the same sentence. But, with only 700 units available worldwide, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY is as exclusive as it is offroad capable. Featuring WP Pro Components suspension on par with that found on the works KTM 450 RALLY, a unique color scheme, and bristling with race-derived parts, the only thing limiting the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY is the production run.

Model Highlights

  • WP XPLOR PRO suspension
  • Akrapovič exhaust (35% lighter)
  • Straight racing seat (910mm seat height)
  • Quickshifter+ as standard
  • Narrower rims with tubes
  • Unique graphic design & clear screen & winglets
  • Carbon fiber tank protectors & Rally footrests
  • Limited edition – 700 units worldwide


Priced at: TBA



The most notable upgrade over its predecessor is the engine. Pumping out an impressive power, the engine in the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY boasts a spate of upgrades – most notably, a significant jump in power and torque. Improvements to electronics and pre-muffler also ensure it meets the strictest emissions regulations. This, paired with a 15,000 km service interval and low fuel consumption, makes it ready to hit the long road.

Cylinder Head:

The DOHC cylinder head contains twin chain-driven camshafts and two spark plugs (one per cylinder). The camshafts are assembled, making them lighter than forged camshafts, while the cam profile has been developed to create an especially torquey engine. 1 mm larger intake and exhaust valves as well as reworked ports which have been flow optimized to maximize airflow also aid in delivering peak performance. A new balancer shaft in the cylinder head located between the camshafts matches the increased RPM and increased rotating mass, while a knock sensor has also been fitted to detect knocking combustions and allow for lower octane fuels – perfect for round the world travel.

Balancer Shaft:

When punching out those long days in the saddle, linking up tough offroad stages with sections of tarmac, uncomfortable engine vibrations are kept to a minimum thanks to two new balancer shafts, one in front of the crankshaft and the other in the cylinder head between the two camshafts.

Cylinder and Piston:

The nicasil-coated aluminum cylinders are an integral part of the sleeveless engine casing. The open deck cylinder construction allows for optimal cooling, improved production tolerances, and reduces the potential for cylinder warpage during production. The bore of the cylinders has increased from 88 mm to 90.7 mm for increased displacement together with a longer stroke.

Lighter, forged box pistons with three piston rings connected by a plain conrod bearing, combine with a DLC coated piston pin for reduced piston weight and less reciprocating mass. Piston cooling is also taken care of by two jets per piston, instead of the previous one per piston. The rotating mass of the crankshaft has been increased by 20% for improved engine behavior at constant speed. In addition, it is beneficial for cornering stability without losing the agile riding feeling.


All-new conrods feature a trapezoidal V-shape top-end which reduces oscillating masses and supports higher the revvy nature and higher power output of the motor. The top-end bearing is also fitted with a bronze conrod bearing instead of a DLC coated top-end for longevity.


A rotating mass increase of 20% means this forged, one-piece crankshaft improves engine behavior at a constant speed, reducing any interference from centrifugal forces. The 435-degree firing order also produces a sound similar to that of the larger LC8 engine, which makes the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY feel like one of its V-twin ADVENTURE brothers when cracking the throttle open.

Crankcases and Engine Covers:

New horizontally split crankcases allow for the engine’s increased bore but remain high-pressure cast from aluminum. This allows for reduced wall thickness, weight savings and optimized surfaces, offering the engine designers more freedom in their design. The open-deck cylinders are integrated into the crankcase.

Oil Circulations:

Oil circulation is based on a compact semi-dry sump system to minimize friction losses. The oil is actively pumped out of the crankcase, clutch housing and gearbox, which ensures that oil does not unnecessarily flow through the engine. The oil sump is integrated into the oil pump housing, together with two pumps (one scavenge, one pressure) and a pressure regulation valve. To cool down the oil, the engine is equipped with a larger oil cooler.


Adapted with new friction plates and improved cooling, the Power Assist Clutch (PASC) on the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY serves a dual role. Not only is it a slipper clutch, preventing rear wheel chatter under hard deceleration, but also reduces the hard force needed when changing gears, allowing the clutch lever to be actuated with only one finger – saving you energy while riding.


The 6-speed sequential gearbox gets faster shifting thanks to shorter shift lever travel, lighter spring action and quicker Quickshifter+ technology, while the teeth on 4th, 5th and 6th gear are glass bead blasted for improved reliability. Quickshifter+ allows for clutchless up and downshifts throughout the rev range.


Instead of the throttle valve in the electronic injection system being controlled by a conventional throttle cable, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY uses a ride-by-wire process. With the help of electronic sensors, twisting the throttle grip activates the throttle valve through the use of a servo motor. Not only is it instant and efficient, the ride-by-wire system achieves so much more. It electronically translates the throttle commands of the rider into the optimum throttle valve position for the current riding situation, and for the most linear power delivery. Ride-by-wire offers a lot of freedom when deciding the feel of the engine and without it, features like MTC and Quickshifter+ would not be possible.


The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY would not be complete without a lightweight titanium AKRAPOVIC Slip-on Line silencer. This enhances the READY TO RACE spirit and adds to it’s deep rally roots. By using high-grade titanium, there is a weight saving of about 30-40% compared to the standard silencer, with the added benefit of an aggressive growl when the throttle is twisted in anger.

Air Filter:

The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY features easy air filter accessibility for cleaning and servicing, even if you’re out in the most remote location while on a ride. The airbox is located under the seat with the intake at the rear of the bike. This means that in addition to easy air filter access, the seat and tank could be kept low and the bike could be made narrower where it counts: in the leg area. It has also allowed better positioning of the electronics to keep mass centralized.


During extreme offroad exploration, it’s important the LC8c engine keeps its cool to ensure its advanced power and performance are maintained. Thanks to the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY’s design and advanced cooling technology, riding for hours in scorching hot conditions is no problem.


The overall geometry of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY was developed for light handling, and comfort on long distance exploration missions – with unchallenged offroad capability. Strength was a big consideration in the design, so a tubular Chromoly steel frame is used with the engine acting as a stressed member to reduce weight and overall size. All design and engineering innovations are focused on being compact and light.


Featuring an even more lightweight and solid construction than its predecessor, the subframe is fully-loaded for adventure. The motorcycle beneath you needs to be built to last. The steel trellis subframe was developed to be compact, lightweight and also strong enough to carry a full load of luggage as well as a passenger under the hardest conditions while extreme adventure riding.


The signature die-cast, open-lattice swingarm is precisely manufactured and has been optimized for stiffness and stability while still offering excellent flex characteristics. By using a direct link for the rear shock, complexity and parts are reduced. The relatively long swingarm aids in traction, stability and suspension setup.


Produced to exacting standards in a separate production line, both WP PRO COMPONENTS fork and shock absorber not only offer standout capability but are also instantly recognized by their machined, high-quality finish. The suspension has 270 mm travel, front and rear, which is 30 mm more stroke compared to the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R . This allows the rider to push harder and faster over obstacles while maintaining a higher level of comfort and control.

Front Fork:

Dominating anything you can throw at the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY is lightweight WP XPLOR PRO 7548 forks using cone valve technology. This is a unique valving system that permits almost limitless damping performance. It combines superior comfort with excellent bottoming resistance. Outer adjustments give the rider the ability to easily fine-tune settings that would normally only be achieved by changing the internal shim stack. The cone valve allows unlimited opening, so harshness of the suspension is reduced, while the closed cartridge construction ensures reduced friction, consistent performance over longer periods and improved responsiveness.

Triple Clamp:

Made from high-strength forged aluminum, the triple clamps ensure excellent stability, with just the right amount of flex to provide feedback from the chassis. A redesigned aluminum steering stem has also been used to reduce weight and increase overall strength.

Rear Shock:

The exceptional WP XPLOR PRO 6746 shock absorber for the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY has been developed using experience gained in many successful years of rally competition. Thanks to the latest, low-friction components, the shock absorber offers the highest level of damping performance, reducing the physical strain on riders. It employs a progressive damping system (PDS) and is completely adjustable for both high and low-speed compression damping, rebound damping and spring preload.


The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY boasts high-strength 21 x 2.15″ and 18 x 4.00 DID DirtStar rims, designed specifically to handle hardcore offroad exploration. With decades of experience and success in the toughest offroad and rally raid events, you can charge off into the most remote wilderness with full confidence. For those looking for even more extreme riding, slightly narrower enduro-spec wheels are available from the KTM PowerParts catalog.


Lightweight and long-lasting Metzeler KAROO™ 3 adventure tires with tubes are fitted on the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY. Due to the use of tubes, the optional TPMS can no longer be installed.


Improved for 2021, the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY boasts twin 320 mm diameter brake discs with 4-piston, radially mounted calipers up front, and a 260 mm diameter brake disc actuated by a double-piston floating caliper in the rear providing superior feedback and stopping power. A new stainless steel brake hose on the rear also helps combat brake fade on long downhill sections. The rear brake features new, isolated pistons in the caliper in conjunction with isolation plates between pads and pistons in order to gain more heat stability. In addition, the fitting of the brake hose on the rear caliper is made of stainless steel to reduce heat in the brake hose.

Fuel Tank:

This groundbreaking fuel tank concept is central to the 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY’s design and handling characteristics. With the main tank volume placed as low as possible and slung down the sides of the chassis, it provides many benefits. Whether seated or standing, the tank between your legs feels considerably narrower and more compact than one would expect from the generous 20 liter volume. The low-slung fuel volume results in effortless handling with the bulk of the weight set low and forward, eliminating the fuel swaying and offsetting the balance as is typical of traditionally-positioned tanks. This results in a low center of gravity which enhances agility and allows for more playful handling and instant change of direction. The freed-up traditional tank area allows a straighter and lower seat, giving the rider more freedom to move with improved freedom. The tank is also made of highly durable materials and is highly crash-resistant, as proven by the similar tank concept successfully used in the extreme race conditions of the Dakar Rally by the KTM Factory Racing team. The ultimate result is a best of both worlds: a slim feel of a smaller offroad bike with the exceptional fuel range of over 400 km on the open road.




An aluminum, tapered handlebar allows maximum control while affording riders a comfortable riding position. The handlebar can be mounted in six different positions, which results in 30 mm of adjustment range for the perfect reach.


A high, race-specific straight seat is a clear statement of this machine’s rally intentions. The single-piece seat enhances offroad riding ergonomics, easing the transition from sitting to standing and general offroad manoeuvrability. The seats are interchangeable across the KTM 890 ADVENTURE range and can be installed to reduce the ride height, enhance comfort, or purely for personal taste.


The footpegs on the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY have a wider footprint, offering better grip and comfort when standing, adding to the rough and ready DAKAR feel.


The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R has a low-profile, adjustable windshield which enables the rider to move around the bike more freely when in the necessary offroad standing position. This sleek windshield offers an unobstructed view directly ahead, even when the screen is covered in dirt. The higher KTM 890 ADVENTURE model’s windshield can also be used on the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY as an optional extra, for those riders who prefer more wind protection.


Made to withstand the harshest of terrains, the bodywork on the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY is purposely kept to a minimum. Robust plastics, molded in a unique RALLY-specific color retain their appearance, even when scratched. The tank spoilers and rear side panels are slightly wider than the seat for improved control and reduce wear and tear on the seat. The LED headlight mask takes its design cues from the KTM FACTORY RALLY machines to create a slim, lightweight front end with improved ground visibility.


Featuring a unique color, as well as in-mold graphics which nod to KTM’s Factory Racing efforts, there is no mistaking the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY for anything else on or off the road.



LED Headlight:

LED lights are used on the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY as the main headlight and taillight. LED lights offer great illumination and visibility. The design of the headlight mask was inspired by the KTM 450 RALLY motorcycles, providing improved visibility and reducing the overall volume of the cockpit when attacking offroad terrain.

TFT Display:

The 5-inch, full-color and state-of-the-art TFT display has been designed to give riders all vital information at a glance ensuring they spend more time with their eyes on the road. The display’s configuration allows for some customization and automatically adapts to variations in environmental light. A shift indicator is also included, causing the rev counter to blink when it’s time to kick it up a gear.

Rider Aids:

Electronic rider aids provide more control, performance and enjoyment to the rider under a wider range of circumstances. Designed to enhance your riding experience, the latest ABS and MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control) technology, along with different ride modes, is tailored to allow you to easily adjust the various rider aids to suit a range of riding conditions. These features can be selected, deselected and utilized to get the most out of the technology and equipment across a much wider range of terrain.

MTC (Motorcycle Traction Control):

KTM’s Motorcycle Traction Control – or MTC – has been improved for 2021, using two separate controllers to measure rear wheel slippage and lean angle pitch to calculate the optimal amount of traction for every terrain and situation. The result is smoother traction control with less-abrupt and barely noticeable intervention at the throttle bodies. For the more adventurous, however, the traction control can be turned off completely.

Cornering Abs:

KTM’s cornering ABS system allows riders to always use the full power of their brakes while the system adjusts brake pressure to match the lean angle of the motorcycle. This means safer and more predictable braking across a wider range of conditions and scenarios. It can also be turned off for more control in offroad conditions.

Offroad Abs:

Maximum braking power with minimal intrusion. Braking demands are very different in offroad terrain from the predictable grip of asphalt. By selecting Offroad ABS, the ABS function is deactivated on the rear wheel, while the front wheel ABS intervention is reduced and lean-angle sensor data is ignored to accommodate the intuitive riding style needed when reigning in speed on the dirt. This allows riders to lock up the rear wheel, which can be used to steer into corners with better control and regulates the pressure on the front brakes to provide balanced and confident stopping power on the most adventurous terrain.

Offroad Ride Mode:

Offroad Ride Mode puts the power down in tricky terrain by using sophisticated sensors to adapt the power delivery through the ECU for effective and confidence-inspiring offroad use. Peak horsepower is reduced, throttle response is softened and wheel slippage is increased to allow for a more dynamic ride on loose surfaces. On such low-grip surfaces, a certain amount of wheel slip is needed to ensure forward motion. This feature allows riders to break traction to a fair degree and to facilitate rear-wheel steering. Anti-wheelie is not used in this mode, so riders can easily lift the front wheel to clear obstacles. Unlike some other modes, Offroad Ride Mode is not lean-angle sensitive, meaning that traction control does not intervene when a rider uses a berm, dune or rut to negotiate a tight turn.

KTM Myride:

Stepping into the world of absolute connectivity, KTM MY RIDE acts as a tether between your smartphone and your motorcycle. This allows you to make and receive calls, browse your playlists and access navigation directly on your TFT display. More information can be found at www.ktm.com/my-ride.

Rally Mode:

Rally Mode comes as standard on the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY and allows the rider to adapt the character of the bike more freely. Rally Mode unlocks an almost instant throttle response and allows for 9 levels of wheel slip control, with 9 being comparable to Rain Mode. With these settings, the slip adjust can be very precisely matched to the condition of the surface, the skill level of the rider and the requirements of the ride. Reducing slip levels can also help in conserving tires for longer when taking on further-reaching or longer-lasting rides.

  • Torque: 100 Nm
  • Transmission: 6-speed
  • Cooling: Liquid cooled with water/oil heat exchanger
  • Power in kW: 77 kW
  • Starter: Electric starter
  • Stroke: 68.8 mm
  • Bore: 90.7 mm
  • Clutch: PASC™ antihopping clutch, mechanically operated
  • CO² Emissions: 105 g/km
  • Displacement: 889 cm³
  • EMS: Bosch EMS with RBW
  • Design: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, parallel twin
  • Fuel Consumption: 4.5 l/100 km
  • Lubrication: Forced oil lubrication with 2 oil pumps
  • Tank Capacity: 20 L
  • Abs: Bosch 9.1 MP (incl. Cornering-ABS and offroad mode, disengageable)
  • Front Brake Disc Diameter: 320 mm
  • Rear Brake Disc Diameter: 260 mm
  • Front Brake: Four-piston radial fixed calliper, brake disc
  • Rear Brake: 2 piston floating caliper
  • Chain: 520 X-Ring
  • Dry Weight: 196 kg
  • Frame Design: Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel frame using the engine as stressed element, powder coated
  • Front Suspension: WP XPLOR PRO 7548
  • Ground Clearance: 303 mm
  • Rear Suspension: XPLOR PRO 6746
  • Seat Height: 910 mm
  • Steering Head Angle: 63.8 °
  • Suspension Travel (Front): 270 mm
  • Suspension Travel (Rear): 270 mm