Rec Lite Jet Skis at an Affordable Price

The Seadoo Spark is the perfect entry-level jet ski and provides an unrivalled level of fun for you and your family.

The Seadoo SPARK available now from Seadoo Sports & Leisure exists in a class of its own and is hands-down the most affordable, fuel efficient and easiest to own watercraft on the market.

Its compact, lightweight design makes it playful to ride and easy to manoeuvre, while also being easy to tow and fit in most garages.

And to continue the theme of fun, fun, and more fun, you can now choose from five attention-grabbing colours and numerous customization options.

To find out more about any of the jet skis in our luxury range, click on the title of the photo of the jet skis shown below. If you would like to see the spec sheets for these performance jet skis, simply click on the red button to view/download a copy of the spec sheet.